• Management Systems
  • Lean Management
  • Six Sigma
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Value Chain

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Relevant Books

  • The Discipline of Getting Things Done, by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan: published by Crown Press, 2002
  • Balancing Agility and Discipline, by Barry Boehm and Richard Turner, published by Addison-Wesley, 2004
  • The Strategy-Focused Organization, by Robert Kaplan and David Norton, published by Harvard Press, 2001

Operational Processes

operational processes

Operational Excellence alone, however, isn’t enough to achieve customer satisfaction. The challenge is to build “world class operations” (across all processes, systems, leadership, tools, techniques, etc.) that deliver the best possible results, within a culture that creates steady ongoing improvements throughout all the processes.

Value Proposition

  • Delivery accuracy: The ability to deliver goods and services on time, according to both internal and external agreements, is fundamental to being “excellent”.
  • Quality improvement: We believe that quality control and the ability to measure improved quality is a key factor to achieving excellence.
  • Productivity increase: Making continuous productivity increases through waste reduction and focusing on value added tasks is a “must” for industrial and service organisations if they are to achieve world class status.
  • Employee satisfaction: We believe employee satisfaction is the result of excellence in the operational processes.