Organisation, Leadership & HR

Delivering successful performance requires aligned and motivated people. This becomes even more relevant within international companies with varying cultures and working practices. To help understand and improve an organisation's ability to deliver their strategy, we provide diagnostic services that assess a firm's capability. We work with clients to achieve structural and cultural change, develop individuals to become more effective leaders and provide expertise in better organising the HR function in order to build performance management and reward systems fit for an international business.

Value Proposition


HR & Leadership Diagnostics: Before implementing an organisational change programme, making an executive appointment or carrying out a leadership development initiative, it's vital to get an objective and independent assessment of your organisation to ensure you make the right investment.

Change: There are times in every organisation's life when it needs to adjust and re-focus its resources to the changing external landscape. We help clients deliver improvement in business performance through realigning the organisation to its strategy and change organisational behaviour so that it supports their overall goals.

Develop: Our five different cultural approaches provide a unique offering. We offer: varied traditional mono-cultural management training with emphasis on "out of the box" methodology; combined strategy-driven competency needs and individual managerial identity development; programmes that incorporate blended training and development using experiential learning techniques; a holistic approach to resource development calling on emotional and rational intelligence; combined management (situational intelligence) and leadership (change management) training.

Human Resource Management: The difference between an average organisation and an excelling one is the human or people factor. We believe that Human Resource Management provide (HRM) provide the activities, tools and interventions that can optimise the human factor. In other words, not only can we improve the organisation of the HR function, but much more - competence and performance management, strategic HRM, job grading systems, etc.