Organisation Change

There are times in every organisation's life when it needs to adjust to new demands and reorganise its structure. ACE has strong experience in restructuring organisations and building a supportative company culture for European based businesses.

Value Proposition

We redesign business by

• Aligning the organisation to your overall Business Vision and Strategy

• Defining management processes and make them work.

• Providing proven experience with complex structures from both global companies and public bodies


We change Organisational Behaviour and Corporate Culture that:

• Gives people space and the possibility to act according to the Company Value System and their Core Values

• We have in-depth knowledge about how to develop and implement a value system and corporate culture

• Enables leaders to work with behaviour and attitudes that support the organisation’s overall objectives. 

We make organisations prepared to work with their change through:

• ”Change leadership” transitions that takes organisation through the complex process from their PRESENT to DESIRED state.

• Developing Change leaders through programs that make leaders truly prepared to work with compex Change challenges

• Methods and tools for large scale communication when many people need to see and embrace a new direction and new ways of working

• We get people on board!

• Involving people in the redesign and implementation of the new ways of working