Portfolio Management


Do you control which projects are executed or is it left to chance? Many firms often make the mistake of trying to focus on too many projects to maximise resources. However, in reality, deciding to focus on fewer projects at a time will actually achieve more than ‘project overload’. We help our clients compose, monitor and analyse their project portfolios to keep them focused on the strategic priorities, maintain balanced portfolios and optimise resources. This helps to maximise the performance and value creation of the overall portfolio.

Value Proposition

  • You get a winning portfolio: Driven by your strategies, we help clients to define processes for capturing business ideas, create a criteria grid to evaluate the ideas, which will ultimately help to initiate the right projects. Often it is necessary to distinguish between activities that build competitiveness, extend current services or products, improve customer services or increase your internal effectiveness.
  • You succeed better in executing the portfolio: Based on selected criteria, such as indicators for time schedule, scope, costs and quality, we help develop the setup and capabilities to analyse and control both pipeline – and active projects. Continuous evaluation of status and progress of projects enable the management team to anticipate and decide on any necessary correcting actions over time.
  • You maximise benefit realisation: By focusing on the implementation practices and handover/closing processes, we help clients to improve the project outcomes for the company. We help portfolio management oversee and facilitate effective project transitions from development to operation. As a result, the business will ultimately realise the benefits in the form of profitability, and employee and customer satisfaction.