Business and Product Innovation


Many companies’ innovation activities focus on bringing timely and efficient new products to the market, whilst others focus on rethinking their market interface, business models or revenue streams. We help clients to not only identify and develop new opportunities, but also optimise innovation in their workplace.

Value Proposition

Business Model Innovation: Whether you want to achieve growth or better cope with downturns, it’s imperative to redefine markets, implement new business models or launch radical new products. We combine well-known product and process innovation techniques with new business model approaches to challenge and help our customers identify business opportunities with potential.

Development and Launch of new products and services: Product management involves not only developing products that better meet customer needs, but also ensure successful product development and innovation processes. We focus on addressing key development problems, such as vague objectives, weak decision processes and excessive amounts of time/money wasted on minor projects or resources spread too thinly. Our approach includes focusing on front-end and user-driven innovations, lean R&D principles for process management and new product launches, as well as integrated activities to create a successful product/service.

Global R&D networks: Creating and delivering new products and services through leveraging external partners is a must, given the existing amount of high quality R&D specialised outsourcing facilities throughout the world. We help clients decide when and how to outsource, as well as define how to manage parts of the innovation process.

Platforms for growth and profitability: A well-designed product/service platform allows an organisation to launch products/services at a fast pace and customise them with reasonable R&D and operation costs. We help clients to manage the complexities of establishing a realistic, yet effective platform in relation to R&D and their other business activities.