Marketing Effectiveness

SMI Marketing effectiveness

We help our clients to focus scarce marketing resources on activities that will produce the best results in their markets. We offer focused market analysis, pragmatic customer segmentation and evaluation, as well as effective go-to-market solutions.

Value Proposition

Market analysis and sizing: An in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis of market size and potential, market drivers and customer unsatisfied needs and behaviours, enables our clients to identify areas with the highest potential.

Segmentation and valuation: Market and customers segmentation combined with a pragmatic customer-value and cost-to-serve analysis – enables our customers to know which segments have potential and which are profitable, in order to target specific segments successfully.

Go-to-market: Qualitative information about market and customers’ segments combined with quantitative information about value and cost-to-serve enables a coordinated implementation of measures and activities for each segment. The maximum impact can be achieved through:

  • Category and product planning: The coordination among product range, product-life-cycle and segment-specific demands leads to the ability to address the right customer with the right product/service. The conjoint analysis helps to discover which product features are most valuable.
  • Channel strategy and management: The definition of an orchestrated multi-channel-strategy creates the optimal channel-mix for addressing the right customers with the right products/messages.
  • Pricing: A quantitative approach, using the conjoint analysis, enables the awareness of customers' price sensitivity in relation to product features. This will support optimal pricing strategies for product/service packages.
  • Promotion: Promotional activities adapted to customer and market insights, create higher visibility in the right customer segments and focus marketing resources where they will be most effective.
  • Branding: Focused development of a brand through an effective (multi) brand strategy leads to optimised resource allocation and better performance.